• REMINDER: there will be a Community Forum to present and discuss the District's NEW Technology Vision

    This meeting is open to the public and will be held Tuesday, May 23rd at 7pm in the BOE Room, located in the Central Administration Building at 13A Dickinson Ave.

    Come find out more and participate in a discussion about a 5 year plan aimed at ensuring all students are future-ready with technology education, experience and opportunity.

    Flyer attached.

  • A letter from the Superintendent has been sent to all District families and staff regarding this morning's fallen tree incident

    Please see the attached 5/18/17 letter for more details.

  • Student Council and Class Council Elections

    Attached please find information for Student Council Elections and Class Council Elections.

    Nyack High School
  • Nyack High School Regents and Final Exam Schedule

    Attached please find the June 2017 Regents and Final Exam Schedule for the Nyack High School.

    Nyack High School
  • The 2017-18 School Calendar has been REVISED, as approved at the May 2, 2017 BOE Meeting

    The revisions include a one-day earlier  Start Date to school on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017; and different dates for Spring Recess beginning Friday, March 30 thru Friday, April 6, 2018.

    The revised version has been attached, below, and emailed to staff and families District-wide via Peachjar and Parent Portal accounts.  

    Thank you for your attention to this change.

  • The annual budget newsletter for the proposed 2017-18 District Budget has been posted, here...

    "Straight Talk"  , the Spring 2017 edition, provides the community with  budget Fast Facts; "With Pride" section for District achievements; the Budget Notice (required by NYS law) and Budget Q&A.   The newsletter is attached, below, and will be mailed District-wide to community members May 9.  The Budget/Trustee Vote is Tuesday, May 16.

  • The Class of 2017: Senior Events and Activities

    Attached please find the End of the Year Senior Class Information Agenda which includes all information needed to prepare for the Senior Prom and Graduation Ceremony.

    Nyack High School
  • An important letter to parents and guardians regarding the popular Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" has been sent by the Superintendent...

    The letter, dated April 24th, 2017, is accompanied by a document from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) that contains information for parents and guardians to read and take into consideration. Our District recognizes that schools have "an important role in preventing youth suicide, and being aware of potential risk factors in students' lives is vital to this responsibility."   Feel free to contact Dr. Montesano's office should you need more information or support.

    Thank you for your attention to this very important matter. The Dr. Montesano's letter and the NASP document are attached, below.

  • The 2017-18 Proposed Budget was presented at the April 18th BOE meeting and is available to the public.

    Please see the attached presentation made by Dr. Montesano to the Board of Education. 

    Our annual Budget Newsletter, Straight Talk, will be mailed out to all District residents on Friday, May 5th.  It will include a message from our Superintendent and BOE President, Karen Hughes, along with Points of Pride, the Budget Notice, a listing of the BOE Trustee candidates on the ballot, and a Q&A section.

    The Budget/Trustee Vote is on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017.  Please remember to vote.

  • Important Advanced Placement Exam Registration Information

    Below is a calendar of the Advanced Placement Exams and information regarding Terms and Conditions to register for the exams using MyPaymentsPlus.


    Nyack High School

Welcome to the Guidance Department



  • SAT @NHS

    SAT @NHS
  • Nyack High School


  • ACT @NHS

    ACT @NHS
  • MacCalaman Field



View Monthly Calendar


  • Lunch and Learn

    May's Lunch and Learn focuses on volunteerism with the Rockland Conservation and Service Corps. Join us on Thursday , May 18 from 10:30 - 11:18 in room 202.

  • 2017 Summer Teen Tech Camp at Rockland BOCES

  • Culinary Camp for Kids


    BOCES Summer school starts on July 10 and ends on August 15.  Summer school REGENTS are August 16 and 17.

  • Nyack Rotary to Sponsor Sophomores to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference

    Nyack Rotary will sponsor Sophomores to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference on June 25-29, 2017.  RYLA Conference is a program for high school Sophomores who have shown leadership potential in their home, school, and community. The conference is designed to introduce participants to thoughts and ideas, which if utilized, will strengthen and develop their leadership skills.  The program includes goal setting, delegating, time management, setting priorities and more.  Activities will include group projects, small group activities, and social time.  See your Guidance Counselor for more information and to submit an application.  Application is due into Guidance no later than April 3, 2017.


    ACT Aspire is a test that will measure students readiness for colleges and is also a practice test for the ACT , which is a college entrance exam.  All sophomores took the ACT Aspire on Wednesday, November 16 ( E Day) from 7:30 - 11:15.  Once we receive the ACT results, we will distribute the results to the sophomores. 

  • Naviance Informational Sessions for Students

    Informational Sessions are scheduled by grade level and topics are targeted to that specific group. See attached flyer or your Guidance Counselor for more details.

  • Sign up for Guidance REMIND

    Get push notifications from the guidance counselors through - To join the 9th grade remind account - on your iphone go to the following link - and follow the directions.  To join the 10th grade remind account - on your iphone go to to the following link - and follow the directions. To join the 11 grade remind account - on your iphone go to and follow the directions. To join the 12 grade remind account - on your iphone go to the following link and follow the directions. 

  • PSAT For Juniors

    Juniors took the PSAT on Wednesday , October 19 at Nyack High School.   We will provide you with your scores once they arrive.  For more information:


  • NYS STEM Incentive Program for high school graduates in the top 10% of their class

    The NYS STEM Incentive Program provides a full SUNY tuition scholarship to the top 10 percent of students in each NYS high school if they pursue a STEM degree in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program and agree to live in NYS and work in a STEM field in NYS for five years after graduation.


    An applicant must:

    ·         be a NYS resident and have resided in NYS for 12 continuous months prior to the beginning of the fall college term;

    ·         be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen;

    ·         be a high school senior/recent high school graduate who will be enrolled full time at a SUNY or CUNY college, including community colleges and the statutory colleges at Cornell University and Alfred University, beginning in the fall term following his or her high school graduation;

    ·         be ranked in the top 10 percent of his/her high school graduating class at a NYS high school;

    ·         be matriculated in an approved undergraduate program leading to a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics at a SUNY or CUNY college;

    ·         earn a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher each term after the first semester;

    ·         execute a Service Contract agreeing to reside and work in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics in NYS for five years.  View the terms and conditions of the service contract.

    Students matriculated in these programs of study may be eligible for a STEM Incentive Program award. The program of study must result in an approved occupation.


  • Changes to FAFSA( Free Application for Federal Student Aid):

    Parents can submit a FAFSA as early as October 1, 2016: for more information:

  • S.A.T. information for Student Athletes

    During the fall season November 5 is a Saturday when many Sectional finals are scheduled including field hockey, football, and  soccer.  It also happens to  be one of the many S.A.T. test dates.  When registering the S.A.T. please make sure you are aware of this possible conflict.  You might need to take your S.A.T. in October , December or January, instead of November.  Additional conflicts might occur with Winter and Spring Sectionals, so please be mindful and carefully plan your test dates. For more information , go to



Whats Happening

Lunch and Learn - Career exploration program.

     Our Lunch and Learn  - career explorations program offers our students  the opportunity to hear from local corporations,  small businesses and medical offices during lunch periods. Our Lunch and Learn program is open to all students.  Sign up in the guidance office.  Presentations will take place in room 202 during student's lunch period.   Remember to bring a bagged lunch!  

 Nyack Hospital professionals share their stories with students at Nyack High School during our first Lunch and Learn program on October 20. 


 On November 3rd, Clarkstown Detective, Police Officer and a K9 Dog visit students  to share information about careers in law enforcement during our Lunch& Learn program on November 3. 


On November 17, representatives from the McLaren Engineering Group presented information on careers in civil engineering.  


 On December 8th, we  hosted the NY Bridge Project.  Students  learned about the design process and mechanics behind the NEW NY Bridge.


On January 19, we hosted NYC Firefighter , John Carbone, who shared his experiences being a new York City Fireman. 


On February 2, we hosted Pamela Primikov, Physical therapist and owner of her private practice. 



On  March 23, 2017, The Major of Nyack, Ms. White,  presented information on her political career.


On April 20, Leeann Irvin, Nyack School District Board of Education Member, presented information on her career in Insurance.





NHS Guidance Department

 Guidance Department Office: telephone (845) 353-7120 fax (845) 353-7119

Lorraine Longing -  Director of Guidance K-12,

Guidance Counselors:

Maggie Gershonovitz,

Tara Heinemann,

 Sean Cavanagh,

 Russell Stevens,

 Diana Wright,

School Psychologist:

Dr. Renee Eschmann

School Social Worker:

Mimi Madan

Student Support Services and Prevention Counselor:

Dornzella Milligan

Guidance Support Staff

JeanMarie Maldonado - Records Secretary (845) 353 7121
Jean Lauturner - Secretary (845) 353-7120


Counselor  9th grade  10 grade  11 grade  12 grade 
Mrs. Gershonovitz A - Can  A - Bre A - Ca  A - Car
Ms. Heinemann Car - Gr Bro - Fe Car - Ha Cas - Gra
Mr. Cavanagh  Gro - Maz Fer - L Ham - Mc Grey - Lug
Mr. Stevens  Mc - Sa  M - Ro  Me - Sanc Ly - Ro
Mrs. Wright  Santi - Z S - Z Sand - Z Ru - Z




 Naviance Informational Sessions for Students- A series of programs will be held which are grade specific and content specific.  Please see the flyer or your guidance counselor for more information.  NAVIANCE Informational Sessions 2017  


Class of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Students and Parents/Guardians- click here for Naviance

Click to access :  Naviance Getting Started.

 Naviance Parent Quick Guide College and Career.

  Parent Quick Guide College and Career - Spanish.

  Naviance Parent Quick Guide Getting Started - Spanish. 

New feature this year: parents and students will be able to access scattergrams through Family Connection. 

Freshmen college planning tips

  • Be sure to take challenging yet realistic courses, and take an elective course that interests you.
  • Work hard in your courses to get the best grades possible, all your grades are important and your grades make up your transcript.
  • Work on developing good study habits. Do your homework every night. Study for tests and quizzes. 
  • Get involved! Join and fully participate in a few school clubs.
  • During the fall, visit mini college fairs on Mondays during lunch, begin to gather information about what you might like in a college. 
  • Take a career survey in the Naviance program.
  • Begin to explore colleges and careers using Naviance.
  • Draft a resume in Naviance and start recording all  your extra curricular activities, part time jobs, and community service hours.
  • Continue to volunteer!
  • Join the Guidance REMIND for updates from the guidance department. On your iphone, open your web browser and go to the following link - and follow the directions. 


Sophomore college planning tips

  • Continue to take challenging courses, develop a competitive transcript.
  • Consider taking a leadership role in an activity that you are involved in.
  • In the fall you will take the ASPIRE which is standardized test modeled after the ACT, a college entrance exam.
  • Start developing a Resume on  Naviance.
  • Explore career options by completing a career inventory in Naviance.
  • BOCES Programs begin Junior year, talk to your counselor if you are interested in pursuing a vocational career to learn a trade.
  • Start researching colleges by completing a college search on Naviance. 
  • Counselors will present information about SAT 2 Subject tests to you, please continue to consult with your teachers and counselors on the advisability of taking these tests.
  • Sign up for 10th grade guidance Remind account to get updates from the guidance department.  On your iphone open your web browser and go to the following link - and follow the directions. 

Junior College Planning Tips

Letter to parents of Junior students regarding Junior Planning Conferences

 Junior Parent Conference Letter 2017

To view powerpoint from our junior parent night scheduled on March 22, at 6:30:  College Planning Meeting PowerPoint


Common Application announces 2017 - 18 ESSAY Prompts


Valuable information about college planning can be found on our   Junior Post High School Planning Guide 2016-2017 

  • Continue to develop a competitive transcript, by enrolling in AP and College Level courses given at the high school.
  • In October you will take the PSAT.  The PSAT is a " trial run" for the SAT which is a college entrance exam. Use your PSAT results to prepare for your SAT in the Spring.
  • During January you will plan your senior year courses with your counselor.  Continue to challenge yourself with rigorous courses.
  • During second semester, you will be invited to a junior planning conference.  This meeting will help you to refine your college search and help you to prepare for the application procedures during senior year.
  • Attend college fairs and local college campuses. 
  • Sign up to take the SAT or ACT in the spring of your junior year. Create an account at and to register for exams. 
  • Visit college campuses.  During spring break , students and their families are encourages to visit colleges that are of interest to you.  You should also attend Open Houses that college.
  • Check the guidance bulletin board regularly for updates and information. 
  • Begin to think about which teachers will be writing your college recommendation letters.  You might want to ask them to write this letter before school ends in June. This will allow your teachers to plan accordingly. 
  • Sign up for guidance 11 grade REMIND for updates and information. On your Iphone open your web browser and go to and follow the directions. 

Summer between Junior and Senior Year

  • Fine tune your college choices with your parents and share them with your school counselor.
  • Begin to draft your college essay.
  • Organized your college application deadlines, Establish a professional email address, Register for any SAT / ACT exams you still need to take. Create a Common Application account and begin the input information in it.

Senior college planning tips

To view powerpoint from our program on 9/26:   Financial Aid 101


To view Senior parent night program from September 19th :   Senior Parent Night

For important information about college planning, please read the    Senior Planning Guide 2016-2017revised91916.pdf 

Senior year

  • Continue to take challenging courses and give your best academic effort.
  • Attend college fairs on Monday and individual college meetings during school.
  • Attend college open houses, tours, and consider an overnight visit to a school that you are applying to.
  • Carefully review your senior transcript that is mailed home to you and your parents in August.
  • Make an appointment to see your counselor in September to finalized your college list. Your counselor will need to submit your school report section on your application. This includes your transcript, Nyack High  School profile, counselor recommendation letter and form.
  • Continue to update  your Naviance account. keep your counselors and teachers updated on  your admissions status.
  • Attend the senior College planning evening and the financial aid event. These evenings are designed to assist you and your parents with the college application process.
  • Submit your SAT and / or ACT scores to colleges that you are applying to.  This is done online on the college board and ACT websites at and
  • If you are applying to play sports at college: go to NCAA ( National Collegiate Athletic Association) to learn more:
  • read the scholarship bulletins and apply for as many scholarships as you can.
  • Continue to work hard. Colleges require mid year grades and final transcripts.
  •   See the Essay Prompts 1 for the 2016 - 17 common application
  • For more information about financial aid:
  • Make sure you communication with your counselor by submitting a Transcript Request Form
  • Optional Parental Comments and Observations